How to Personalize Your Bulk SMS with an Alphanumeric Sender ID


Using a Sender ID for your SMS communications

To ensure an effective SMS marketing campaign, it is important to include the sender’s name. Clients need to know who they are communicating with. The Alphanumeric Sender ID will help you increase the brand awareness of your company.

The sender ID consists of numbers or a combination of numbers and letters for identification. They are indicated at the top of messages and are required to identify the company or specific person who is sending notifications.

When to use Alphanumeric Sender ID

The alphanumeric identifier must be used when sending texts, both personal and bulk. It will help to personalize your SMS messages, which is especially important when using special programs for sending texts. In this case, the identifier will be assigned automatically.

If you need to pre-register a name to send a message with such an ID, you can send notifications using a number. In this case, the quality of delivery may decrease. Countries that support the sender ID registration filter the traffic of A2P notifications that are sent using long phone numbers. Therefore, the choice of a unique name will allow you to send bulk messages with faster delivery.

How to set up your Sender ID

To set up a recognizable sender ID, there are several steps to follow. You are able to send messages in countries where you need to pre-register alphanumeric sender ID. Therefore, before choosing a specific name, fill out a questionnaire on the corresponding website. Using a special form, enter all necessary information and quickly create a new name for bulk messaging. You should:

  1. Open the main page of the Atompark website and register there.
  2. Make sure the alphanumeric ID generation support is enabled.
  3. Make sure all registration requirements are met.

Next, choose a suitable name that will meet the specified requirements. The sender’s digital ID must not exceed 11 characters. You shouldn’t use Cyrillic, since only Latin letters are supported. You can use numbers, but entering symbols (including punctuation marks and others) is strictly prohibited.

The identifier you choose must match or resemble the brand name — you won’t be able to send bulk messages if you choose a random set of letters and numbers. Don’t use a telephone number instead of a unique identifier. It is also forbidden to use foul language.

To increase your brand awareness, use specific and unique names. If you use the word “store” as your sender ID, your customers won’t know that the message came from your company. Also, don’t choose names. An exception here is the registered brand name.

Once you have chosen an appropriate unique name, you can proceed with the bulk messaging. Users will know that texts are coming from your company and will be able to go to your site to clarify some details or learn more about the offered products. Messages will be delivered as soon as possible (in some cases, instantly), and customers will not miss the information they need.

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