Can You Save Money by Hiring Linens?


When you’re running a restaurant, hotel, or any other business that uses a large amount of linens, you will be spending more than you might realise on your linens. The expenses of buying and laundering linens are immense and they tend to multiply. For example, if you are buying linens, your first expense is the linens themselves, which will cost you a significant amount of your startup costs. Then you’ll need to launder those linens; doing so will cost you money in your water and your electricity bills. Finally, you will need to replace lines that become damaged from repeated washings. Such replacements will cost you even more money and also restart the cycle. If you want to simplify your expenses, you should consider hiring linens.

Hiring Linens

Hiring linens is a process by which you pay a company to deliver a certain amount of linens to your business each week or each month. You will use those linens and then put them into a bag for pickup. When the service delivers the next round of linens, they will pick up the used ones. You’ll always have brand new linens that are laundered fresh for your business. You won’t have to pay the high upfront costs of paying for linens, the costs of laundering them, or the cost of replacing them. Linen hire services save you a considerable amount of money, especially at startup. Furthermore, you will be able to create a more routine set of expenses.

Routine Costs

When you are running a business, high overhead costs are a problem. Unreliable overhead costs are also a problem. If you are writing your budget for the coming month, you can calculate your expected expenses versus your expected revenues. However, if you do not know how much your linen buying and laundering costs will be, you will have a much harder time budgeting. You could find yourself facing unexpected expenses if an abnormal number of linens are soiled or damaged in a given month. If you hire your linens, the expense will be regular. You’ll have to pay for the same amount of linens at the same price each month. That’s a great way to standardise more of your budget and plan for the future.


The linens you hire from a linen service will be high-quality linens that are always in good shape. You know this to be true since their entire business is the business of providing quality linens. They stake their name on the quality of their work and will want to always do a good job. Since their reputation is built into the quality of their linens, they’ll want to provide the best ones possible. You’ll be the beneficiary of that quality control.

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