What employers need to know about the youth in India


Friedrich Schiller, German poet, philosopher and historian, once said, “Keep true to the dreams of your youth.” India is a country that will have a pronounced youth population by 2020. The average age of people in India will be 29. For a country with so many young people, staying true to their dreams is a prerequisite for the nation’s success.

Despite India having one of the most growing working populations, companies struggle to find the right people to work with and take their objectives forward. Understanding the youth of the country who will be the future workforce may reduce the talent deficit.

Here’s what employers need to know about the youth of the country.

Social media for the hyper-connected generation

India will have over 370 million social media users by 2022. The youth will be turning to social media for their primary research and recommendations and using smartphones. With smartphones being the device of choice, businesses will need to create mobile-led strategies to attract the right talent.

Skill development for the dynamic generation

The youth are often attributed with the word dynamic – dynamic not just in how they are, but also in what they will do. The youth of the country are likely to pursue unconventional career paths and there is a need to encourage such practices. With more and more organizations looking for people who are multi-faceted, training will need to be provided to the youth to meet such expectations.

Equal opportunities for the generation pursuing equality

One of the strongest social causes plaguing the country is that of the cause of equality for all. With India being home to such a diverse culture and people from varying backgrounds, the need to unite our strengths and not be divided by socio-economic factors is a cause present on the minds of the countries youth. Organizations could join the cause that will lead to social and political reforms. Diversity and Inclusion programs will help organization retain the talent that they spend millions of dollars recruiting.

Infrastructure for the generation that is the building blocks of the country’s progress

The youth of the country are labelled the custodians of its future and its progress. With India being such a large country, which is already over-stretched for resources, there is a need to build the right infrastructure that will support the youth to lead the country towards progress. Co-working spaces are the new norms. People are seeking such places increasingly as they are more in sync with their needs.

India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population in the working age group.The country is likely to have the world’s largest workforce by 2027,as a billion people will be in the age group of 18-64. Planned and organized engagement that will lead to varied employment opportunities is the call of the hour.

India does present the promise to be a strong power to be reckoned with, but only if it truly empowers its youth.

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