What Does an Excavator Boom Do and how is it Used


What is known in the building world as an “excavator boom” is a part which is used on an excavator. An excavator is a large piece of heavy machinery put to use for digging holes or frequently also moving large volumes of material.

An excavator can be typically made up of a base with large tread wheels or caterpillar tracks, as well as the unit where the operator sits called the “house”. This can rotate a full 360 degrees, so that the operator can work with materials at any location around the machine without having to take the time to reposition the entire unit.

  • An excavator boom extends out from the front of the operator’s house, and it normally is made from two long pieces that can extend for a much better reach.

A Bucket, but Not the Garden Type!

The bucket is what you will see at the end of the excavator boom. The bucket is used for the purpose of digging as well as picking up anything which has to be moved from A to B.

Hydraulic Matters

All of these parts are controlled by the use of hydraulics, with the outer stanchion being filled with a fluid — normally some kind of oil — which is then pressurised, thereby making an internal piston to move forward.

  • When this pressure is then released, the piston then retracts and the boom moves backward into place.

It is by this method that the two sections of the excavator boom and also the bucket can be easily controlled and put into use from the operator’s house.

Real Steel

Excavator boom arms are commonly made from high quality steel. With the two sections of the arm being hinged, good articulation is made possible because of bearings situated where the two boom arm sections meet.

The hydraulic system is fitted at different points along the length of the boom arms and are crucially placed allowing for the most effective type of movement to extend the boom arm out as far as is safely possible.

  • More hydraulics close to the bucket extend or retract allowing for more extension and retraction.

Various Attachments

Some attachments can be fitted to an excavator boom, for various other types of work on a building or excavation site, which add to the versatility of the machine.

  • These attachments are tools such as a jackhammer, compaction wheels, cutting wheels, grappling arms, and others used in such a working environment.

The grappling arms are particularly useful for the job of picking up and moving trees. The jackhammer attachment is used for the breaking up of hard surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Customised Attachments

Any other type of specific attachments for highly specialised work applications can be either custom made or ordered from a company which deals with limited production equipment.

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