Give Your Office a Whole New Look with an Office Refurbishment


Do you feel that your office needs to make a change? If so, you need to work with a company that is devoted to making refurbishments from the initial idea to completion. Whether you need to revamp the looks of your office, shop, or warehouse, you need to find a company that will supply both high-quality products and installations for your refurbishment needs.

Types of Renovations for Offices and Factories

Renovation projects today include the following services:

  • Partitioning of offices and factories
  • Adding suspended ceilings
  • Raising flooring
  • Joinery works
  • Dry lining systems
  • Upgrading toilets
  • Wall cladding
  • Designing interiors

Therefore, it is important to review your plans with a company that can provide you with any of the above-listed services. For example, you may need an interior refurbishment in Coventry that includes partitioning.

Types of Partitions

Partitions today are featured in industrial single- and double-skin steel as well as in aluminium frame composites. In addition, fire-rated and acoustic partitions are featured for offices. Office partitioning systems are normally easy and flexible to install and are highly popular. That is because you can select from a number of design options. When you combine these various designs with good fire and acoustic performance, you have a first-rate product.

Office partitions are designed with galvanised steel that is made of a stud framework. This framework is faced with either a single or double layer of plasterboard that is 12 millimetres thick. In turn, the cavity can be used for data communication or electric services. To enhance the sound performance, it normally is filled with insulation.

Some Office Partition Systems Can Be Included in Factory Interiors

You can use this same type of partitioning in manufacturing facilities. In this case, you can take the system and divide it into large walls that can be established at height of 12 metres. This type of partition is fire-resistant up to four metres and audio-resistant up to 80 decibels. Therefore, you can keep your employees safe and lower the level of noise at the same time.

If you are interested in steel partitions for industrial use, you can choose single-skin and flush line double-skin systems that are designed for harsher atmospheres. These kinds of partitions, which are flexible and modular, are often placed in such facilities as factories, warehouses, storage sites, clean rooms, or production offices.

These types of partitions come in a variety of elevations that are represented by steel and glass, steel and mesh, or full steel designs. All the designs can include single, double, or sliding type doors.

If you consider partitions that feature an aluminium frame composite, you can save money on your partitioning system. These types of partitions are often used in offices where the business wishes to save money. The partitions, which are a quick install, can be easily relocated if necessary. You can choose panels that are finished with laminate or vinyl coverings. Also, doors are featured in a variety of timber veneers. Blinds can also be included for privacy.

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