What Does a Facilities Specialist Specialise in


Someone whose trade is a facilities specialist, (also known as a facilities coordinator), normally works as a part of a team that is held responsible for many duties related to expertly running a building’s maintenance.

Facilities specialists may have to undertake quire a number of various tasks, which may involve things such as postal operations and shipping, conference preparation, repairs and maintenance.

The facilities specialist may also be put in charge of different dimensions of worker safety, which can include the coordination of emergency responses and also teaching employees on which is the best course of action. Depending on the level of responsibility, the specialist must also supervise other members of a group.

Organising and Development

  • A facilities specialist may can also be held responsible for posting coordination, shipping, receiving and carrying out some other day to day smaller duties.
  • They must deliver incoming mail to all employees, and organise any outgoing mail.
  • In other cases, they may have to develop a process for the handling of interoffice mail, and also provide assistance to any employees who need to post any packages or various other items.

If conference planning is to be the main duty task of a facilities specialist, the work duties may involve coordinating all features of a meeting and all the functions of an office.

This may mean having to order business and online cleaning supplies, the scheduling of any conferences and rooms and ordering any required equipment, plus looking after any meeting attendees. This type of facilities work will also necessitate the coordination of all technical or audio/visual responsibilities that will be needed.

Repair Work and Databases

  • Carrying out any building repair and maintenance jobs is yet one more responsibility for the facilities specialist.

  • This part of such work requires the ability to respond to any repair requests and undertake them straight away if at all possible.

  • There’s also the responsibility for taking any worker requests and relaying them to some other department or maybe even an outside vendor for settlement.

  • Alongside this there’s the task of managing a database or an electronic tracking system to make a log of all of these types of activities.

  • And yet one more part of a facilities specialist’s very versatile work is being answerable for developing and revising workers safety and emergency response arrangements.

  • He or she must develop certain policies for things like emergency evacuations, provide early announcements of any building closures, or in the managing of first aid to wounded workers.
  • They are also held responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of building equipment like fire alarms and extinguishers and replacing them if found necessary.

Supervising Tasks

If in a supervisory position, the facilities specialist will be made responsible for taking care of other facilities, staff and the appointing of new employees, and be the leading contact with the facilities team for other workers. And lastly, he or she may also be made accountable for speaking for the facilities group to any senior-level personnel.

And what a busy little bee a facilities specialist is, indeed!

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