What Does a High Lift Pallet Truck Do


What is known as a “high lift pallet truck” is an industrial device which is utilised to move freight from A to B, and then lift it to heights than would otherwise be impossible with a basic and traditional pallet truck. Such high lift pallet trucks are usually operated totally by battery power or mains electric. The price for a high lift pallet truck is naturally more expensive than a model that keeps and moves freight closer to the ground, but works out extremely useful when stacking heavy pallets on high shelves.

The high lift pallet truck can lift pallets off the ground by two methods. The first is through an accordion method, where intersecting legs below the fork extensions gently come together to raise the extensions up, similar to how an ironing board is lifted to the right level for usage. The second kind uses a telescoping mast, very similar to some forklifts you will have seen, which lifts the freight up to a much higher levels than the first method can achieve. Those using a telescoping mast are often called pallet stackers.

Heights and Pallet Stackers

Don’t forget that all transport companies in Perth, should be using the most modern, safe and effective methods of getting the freight lifted and loaded just perfectly. The height of the high lift pallet truck will be largely determined its kind. Those trucks that are using the accordion method are usually able to lift somewhere in between 76 to 84 cm. And those trucks using the telescoping lift method are only limited by the mast height, and the amount of counterweight it carries. They are known to be able to lift to heights of approximately 5.2 metres or more.

The pallet stacker truck is an electric vehicle that is in most cases driven, but, there are walk-behind models out there which are also available. The operator will manoeuvre this kind of high lift pallet truck by managing a set of levers and buttons on a control panel, located at around the waist level. At the end of a work shift, this type of pallet truck usually has to be recharged to ensure that it will be ready to be used again on the next day. And like all machines with a rechargeable battery, the battery pack will eventually need replacing at some time in the future.

Weights and Dangers

Commonly, a high lift pallet truck will be able to lift weights up of between 907 to 1,500 kg, even though there are some higher end, more expensive models that can lift a load even higher. And though it might be possible to lift some heavier objects higher than what the pallet truck is expected, it’s in one’s best interests not to do so. Always better to be safe than sorry, right? Any kind of damage which results from usage which is beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations can lead to the warranty becoming null and void, and put any nearby personnel in extreme danger.

Getting the freight loaded safely and soundly will ensure that there’s no later regrets.

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