Why Having a Personal Electronic Signature is Convenient


Why Having a Personal Electronic Signature is Convenient

In the era of digital technology and general competition in all markets, there is a constant need for changes. The development of science makes people quickly adapt to innovations. Individuals are forced to get used to numerous inventions, such as electronic signatures, because digitalization and information progress become inevitable every day. Bureaucracy and paper folders are things of the past.

Nowadays, most processes in both the private sector and public administration can be done online, via a mobile phone or a computer. At the same time, the risks associated with the possibility of hacking the users’ data in large companies are increasing.

That is why it is important for everyone to use only those platforms that guarantee not only quality, convenience, and speed but also security and protection of your information.

The leaders among such companies are those located in the United States. In every area that provides digital services, American corporations are the best. And one of them is SignNow, a company that provides a wide range of services related to electronic signatures.

What Kind of a Company Is SignNow?

SignNow is the platform that will help you in any situation related to identity verification on the document.

If you need to put your personal signature or get the signature of another person, this application is the best solution. The site makes all procedures effortless. Yes, SignNow helps people approve documents from anywhere in the world.

It is important not to confuse an electronic signature with a digital one. The latter allows you to identify and verify the identity of the owner of the electronic signature.

SignNow has made printing, scanning, and faxing papers unnecessary. It is difficult to imagine that a couple of years ago, it was difficult to imagine the activities of any enterprise or business without these devices. However, times change too quickly. This application can be used to approve documents of any type, including various agreements, registration forms, datasheets, insurance requests, and many more.

Why Is SignNow Considered Convenient?

Since its emergence, the application has been optimized. Now, its interface has become even more convenient and intuitive. You can create document templates in your user profile, create groups for mass distribution, and track these groups online. Thanks to such possibilities, SignNow is used for corporate purposes. It helps optimize team performance and make management easier and processes more productive.

With SignNow, you can send notifications about the need for additional documents and request the missing materials in one click. SignNow also allows you to receive automatic notifications about the status of documents that have been sent for signing. It should be noted that signature requests can also be forwarded if you the corresponding permission to the recipient in your profile.

Why Should You Choose SignNow?

SignNow has received awards as a fast-growing company that provides the best service. Its services are used by such well-known brands as Xerox, AMGEN, TechData, TutorPerini, and others. With millions of users and award-winning customer support, SignNow has been recognized as one of the most favorite e-signature providers for businesses.

“Tech Data uses SignNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue” – says Bob Dutkowsky, the CEO of TechData.

The team of the SignNow site took care of the possible security measures that meet all international standards. The company understands the importance of protecting your data, and, therefore, it has created a multi-level security system. It is PCI DSS and SOC2 certified.

How Much Does It Cost?

SignNow is a paid program. There are four types of subscriptions:

  • Business (from $8/month)
  • Business Premium (from $15/month)
  • For Enterprises (from $30/month)
  • AirState Business Cloud (from $50/month)

What Does the Site Interface Look Like and How to Use It?

The first step to start using the site is to register on it. You can do it via email or a Facebook/Google account.

In the screenshots shown below, you can see all the steps that are waiting for you upon the login.

Why Is SignNow the Best?

One of the most significant indicators of a company’s reliability and usefulness is the number of positive reviews from satisfied users.

The company is also interested in cooperation, and, therefore, it developed the SignNow API. It is a feature that allows users to quickly sync the signature with other applications. Also, as a part of the cooperation, SignNow has introduced an option developed jointly with USLegal. Users of these sites have the opportunity to visit the online library, which consists of a large number of forms and packages.

It is quite easy to start using SignNow without reading or watching boring tutorials. The developers have created manuals for sending a document for signing, adding a signature, and editing papers.

What Are the Alternative Platforms Similar to SignNow?

Several other resources on the market can be an alternative to SignNow:

  • DocuSign
  • PandaDoc
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • SigningHub
  • HelloSign
  • InsureSign

However, none of them possesses all the features and advantages that SignNow can boast of


With SignNow, you will sign documents digitally, without the need to print or fax them, fill and complete PDF, Word, or other docs anymore. Also, all your data is secured with banking-level encryption. You can view a detailed audit history for all signatures. You can sign documents in offline mode. On the site, you will have all the necessary fields to fill in, and completing your documents quickly, easily, and with zero mistakes will never be problematic.

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