Important Tips for Buying a Livestock Trailer


Buying a decent trailer for transporting livestock can make your life extremely easy. If you are in the livestock industry and often have to rent a trailer to transport livestock, why not buy one and save yourself the hassle? These trailers can be used for transporting livestock such as goats and sheep, and are also suitable for transporting larger animals such as horses. You will simply need to make a few custom modifications to the trailer to make it ready for moving animals. Obviously, one of the key things that you should know about transporting livestock is that the animals should be comfortable inside the trailer.

The bumps on the road and constant shaking can scare an animal out of its wits. Therefore, turning a conventional trailer into a trailer for transporting livestock isn’t exactly a good idea. Instead, you should consider buying standard livestock trailers for your needs. If you are about to go shopping for a new livestock trailer, here are some important tips that you should keep in mind.

Don’t Go All Out for the Larger Size

Before you go shopping for a new trailer, it is best to consider your needs first. There is no need to purchase a larger size of trailer unless you absolutely need it. Most people who have to transport livestock don’t really need a huge trailer, so why pay the extra money? Instead, it is a better idea if you choose a smaller trailer that is adequate for your size requirements. The dimensions of different trailers vary, and some companies even offer the option of customising a trailer according to your specifications. Never limit your options by only looking at trailers of the largest available size, as better options might be available in smaller trailer sizes.


If you buy two or more trailers, you may be eligible for a trade discount. Many local companies that sell these trailers usually offer major discounts to customers who buy in bulk. Many farm owners often purchase several trailers in one go, so they are obviously looking for some sort of concession. If you need to buy two or more trailers, always try to negotiate the price as much as you can, to get a lower rate.


Most of the trailers that are designed for carrying livestock usually offer adequate ventilation to the animals. Obviously, animals feel a lot of heat, especially when they are cramped in small spaces. It is important that you buy a trailer that comes with proper ventilation and won’t leave your animals panting. Furthermore, pay attention to the safety of the trailer design as well. Make sure that the floor of the trailer is thick enough so that it won’t break through and the legs of your animals won’t get caught. Always check the underbraces and the floor before buying. Also, when inspecting a trailer, make sure that you check to see that the brakes and all other lights are working properly, to ensure maximum safety when you are out on the road driving.

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